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How is Artificial Intelligence Altering the World?

Artificial Intelligence is a part of computer science. It works on creating machines, computer software, and tools to perform various tasks that require human effort.

Types of AI:

AI can be classified into three types on the bases of capabilities:

  1. Narrow AI
  2. General AI
  3. Super AI

Narrow AI:

Narrow AI is AI that can perform only pre-defined tasks. It is limited to the extent of the work which is given to perform. Examples of narrow AI are self-driven cars, asking purchasing suggestions from AI tools.

General AI:

General AI is the AI that performs tasks with such efficiency as a human performs. Currently, there is no such application or tool which can perform like humans.

Super AI:

Super AI is the AI that crosses human intelligence and performs tasks better than a human. Some examples of Super AI are making a judgment, and solving puzzles. The development of this type of system is a world-changing task.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has brought great revolutionary change in the world. The impact of AI on jobs is very beneficial for humans. It has mostly reduced the efforts of humans. The work which human does in hours and days. AI that works in minutes and seconds. AI tools do jobs very quickly and comparatively with few errors.

AI in Healthcare:

Various healthcare departments use AI to diagnose the patient’s disease. It is also used to maintain and track the medical record of patients. AI tools and applications also assist healthcare departments to provide medical information and scheduling appointments.

AI in Business:

Most businesses have shifted their various works to AI tools and applications. AI in the job market has created panic in people regarding their job security in the future. Businesses are incorporating chatbots in their websites to provide prompt responses to customers of their queries.

AI in Education:

However, AI has brought significant changes in various sectors it has also impacted the education sector. The change in the education sector of AI is not only to replace human tutors with robotic tutors but also to use computer intelligence in a better way that can help students and teachers to make the education system better and more effective. AI can automate the grading system so tutors can focus and provide more time for students to teach.

AI in Accounting:

Artificial intelligence has done for many sectors. It has also an impact on accounting. The common task of accounting like bookkeeping, data inputting, and reconciliations. These tasks have been taken over by AI. This allows individuals to use their energy in the most important work which needs a high level of problem-solving skills.

AI in Social Media:

Nowadays every single person is aware of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok everyone knows about these social media apps and uses these to connect with the social world. Most of your actions are monitored by AI on these social media platforms.

Key Takeaways:

Most people are blaming technology is replacing their jobs with machines. There will be no need for humans in the future. But, people do not know that these machines are very useful for the future world. Artificial Intelligence helps us to be aware of future losses and damages. However, AI and employment trends have changed so It will be better for us to learn how to use this Al technology in our work so we can use this technology in better ways and bring efficiency to our work.

How is Artificial Intelligence Altering the World?
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How is Artificial Intelligence Altering the World?
AI reshaping our world, from automating tasks to improving healthcare.
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